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  • Nigeria, 12B Ukehe Street, Independence Layout, Enugu

OneHopeChildren provides orphans and poor children with basic education that will improve their lives.

We focus on helping these children attain at least basic education and skills that help them break the circle of poverty for life!

Education decreases the likelihood of these children getting involved with drugs, gangs, prostitution, and other criminal activities that can be lucrative.

OneHopeChildren has taken it as a goal to provide education for the poor children to the highest level.

Many children have received education assistance to grow and learn. Five of the beneficiaries have been admitted to study in the higher institutions, around which was least expected.


  • Child basic education, this includes research and innovative programs
  • Build partnerships with governments, business and educational, medical and religious institutions for the welfare of children
  • Skill acquisition training
  • Over 30 children received education assistance
  • Five children admitted into the higher institution
  • One undergoing a Catering program
  • One child enrolled into an apprenticeship program under trading auto mobile parts