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Blessings & Problems:
Family is important in Igbo Culture and having many children is considered a blessing. While the average family with five children certainly has an advantage for working in area farm fields, the family often suffers economic deprivation that manifests itself in children's stunted growth, poor physical and emotional health, and illiteracy.

Unemployment in the area is high. Adults and children who do work generally tend their own farms or cottage industries that produce little income.

Families live in squalid conditions, often with seven or more people sharing one room. There is little medical care for children, many of whom suffer from malnutrition. In these extreme economic conditions, sending their children to school is a wish most families dare not dream.

  Providing Solutions:

OneHopeChildren provides orphans and poor children with quality health care and the basic education that will improve their lives. We focus on helping these children attain at least basic education and skills that help them break the circle of poverty for life! Education decrease the likelihood of these children getting involved with drugs, gangs, prostitution, and other criminal activities that can be lucrative.

Education can ensure that these children can become good citizens and grow in their dignity as children of God.

The average life expectancy in Awhum is just 50-60 years. Orphaned children are often left to the care of relatives, and in too many cases, the orphans are kept as domestic servants who are abused and exploited as slaves.

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