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Rev. Fr. Dr. Felix Ugwuozor was born toward the end of the Nigerian Civil War, went into the seminary at the age of 12 and was ordained a priest on August 12, 1995. After serving as a Registrar at Institute of Ecumenical Education Godfrey Okoye University (now called Go University), Enugu, he moved to the United States in 1999 for graduate studies at Montclair State University.

2001-2004 - Served as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Graduate School of Montclair State University, NJ.

2005-2009 - Was a Doctoral Assistant to the Faculty in the Department of Education at Montclair State University, teaching Philosophical Foundations of Education.

2009 - Graduated with a Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Education from Montclair State University.

2009-present - Teach full time as a member of the Faculty of Education at Montclair State University.

2005-present -Teach the Development of Career and Life every summer at Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ.

2009-present - Teach Philosophy and Public Policy at St. Peter's University, the Jesuit University of NJ.

While fully engaged in academia, I have equally been involved in parish ministry:

2001-2004 - Served as the Director of Pastoral Care at Orange Memorial Hospital Orange, New Jersey under jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ.

2004-2009 - Served as a parochial vicar for the Parish of the Resurrection, Jersey City.

2011-present - Currently serves as a weekend assistant at St. Andrew Parish (Bayonne, NJ) and St. Joseph and St. Anne Churches (Jersey City, NJ).

Publications include the following:

  • Co-edited a book on Philosophical Foundations of Education (2011).
  • Democratic Education in Nigeria: Context and Imperatives (2009).
  • The Human Self in the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead (2000).
  • Atheism: A Sin Against Faith, Theological Analysis and Implications of the Modern and Contemporary Attitude Toward (the super-sensible realm) God (1995).
  • A Critique of Karl Marx Dialectical Materialism (1991).

Works in Progress

  • Critical and Global Citizenship Education in a Deeply Divided (Nigerian) Society - a journal article.
  • Nurturing Education for Democratic (Global) Citizenship: Its Meaning, Its Purpose, Its Conditions - a book.
  • Goal Setting in Light of the Philosophy of Jean Paul Sartre.
  • Time Management: The Students Versus the Clock: Tips on How to "Seize the Day."
  • Toward Nurturing (Pedagogy) Education for Democratic Growth.
  • Developing a Personal Philosophy of Education: A Requisite Guide to Educational Practices
  • Education Imperatives: Framing Learning in Nigerian Schools toward Global Citizenship, Social & Political Action


  • Member, America Philosophy Association, 2002 - Present.
  • Member, American Philosophy of Education Society, 2004 - Present.


  • Selected Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 2004, Listed 1122.
  • Selected Cambridge Who's Who 2008, Registry of Networking Directory for Executives, Academics and Professionals.



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Dear friends,

OneHopeChildren, Inc harbors the vision to create a better world for African Children. With the help of our friends and supporters, we dutifully and graciously embark on a tenuous task of identifying the “intimate interests” of children in our scholarship pool.

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