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OneHopeChildren is forming alliances all across America. We are working to partner with foster care, childcare and educational organizations across the United States, identifying local organizations and individuals that are making an impact while working with foster kids in their own communities. Nationwide organizations are excellent, but as large entities have methods and means for attracting funding and volunteers. Many grassroots organizations have fewer resources, but are just as dedicated to the success of their programs for children. These will be the heart and soul of OneHopeChildren.

Fr. Felix Ugwuozor has people contact him asking what they can do to help OneHopeChildren or to make a difference in their own community. Obviously, donations are a huge part of what makes us a viable nonprofit. Sometimes, however, persons want to do something more - they want to give of themselves ... their time and their talents. Establishing "OneHopeChildren" across the nation provides the chance to find local opportunities to serve and to give back to their communities. We want to encourage mentoring, providing quality time to show these kids that there are other options, different opportunities and interests beyond the narrow world that they have been exposed to. In doing, so, volunteers broaden the children's focus and world view and make a positive, lasting difference in the children's lives.

OneHopeChildren hopes to grow these plans to include multiple organizations throughout the 50 states! Please contact us us to join in making a difference in a child's life.

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