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"For the Hope of [children of God], I am bound with this chain." [Act. 28: 20]


  • To give each child a chance of having at least a basic education.
  • To identify and accommodate the hopes and dreams of children through research, and innovative program.
  • To create and inspire HOPE through meaningful programming.
  • To provide every child with the opportunity for quality healthcare.
  • To collaborate with the local communities in providing a loving and nurturing environment for every child.
  • To partner with the local and state government, business, educational, medical and religious institutions for the welfare of children.
  • To help children and young adults acquire the self-confidence, determination and skills to match the dynamic challenges in the global work, academic, and management landscapes.


Consistent with our mission and vision, our philosophy - core values - include:

  • God: Embrace Him as our hope and our strength.
  • Service: Constructive forthrightness in all that we do, with a high standard of dedication and professionalism.
  • Excellence: Commitment to stewardship by following best practices.
  • Integrity: Pursue and achieve goals by standing up for what is morally right, staying honest, and fulfilling commitments and promises.
  • Growth: Optimize goals through innovative strategies and shared missions.
  • Teamwork: Collaborate to achieve excellence through shared goals and shared responsibilities.

Our Goal:

  • Establish a permanent source of funding for our scholarship pool.
  • Inspire HOPE in children, that inner will that insists, "despite all the evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits them, so long as they have the courage to keep …fighting." (President Obama, 2012)
  • o Help children to shape their world for positive outcomes.
  • o Build a sustainable health system - a university hospital - aligned with OneHopeChildren's fundamental mission.
  • o Establish institutions of learning at all levels to promote and acculturate our core principles.


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