The Onehopechildren is a nonprofit, faith-based foundation committed to delivering a better world for African children.

Our mission is to prepare new generations of dedicated and visionary citizens of the Enugu State in particular, and the nation of Nigeria in general, to respond to the dynamic challenges of the global work and management environments.

Our educational agenda makes us unique in that we implement programs designed to respond to needs and experiences of each individual child with an engaging curriculum that will provide interactive, hand-on, dialogical and inquiry-based activities that promote a variety of academic and social skills.

Our healthcare agenda involves increasing the number of impoverished, indigenous students who are interested in medical and scientific careers. We are also dedicated to collaborating with local organizations in developing and sponsoring educational and medical programs that directly serve children and the families of their communities. Each year we embark upon a free healthcare mission with a medical team that is nationally acclaimed and globally recognized in their fields. The mission serves our core agendas of promoting interest in medical and scientific careers and improving the health conditions and reducing mortality rates in under-served communities.

With your assistance, OneHopeChildren will continue to grow and play an even more important role in these communities. Please browse through our website and learn more about what we are doing and what we can do together to make a difference in so many lives in the future.

We express our sincere gratitude to our grant donors, as well as the individuals, Church and community donors who have responded to our Annual Appeal. OneHopeChildren, Inc. fundraising includes Google-good Internet search and we welcome car and cash donations.


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This year, OneHopeChildren is collaborating with interest groups and individuals to set up a sustainable Poultry Farm project to meet ever increasing financial needs of children in our scholarship pool. While OneHopeChildren still welcomes donations, it's sourcing ways and means to supplement charitable contributions.
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